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Shanghai Yan Zhen automation equipment Co., Ltd.
No.26, Kangyuan Road, Zhujiajiao Industrial Park, Qingpu District, Shanghai
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Company profile
 Company profile
 Shanghai Yan Zhen Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. Its predecessor is Shenzhen Taiwan Heshun machinery factory, founded in 2006, after more than 10 years of development and growth, the company has advanced technology, operation and management system of independent, better quality products and services to our customers, the company has experienced several changes, is located in Zhujiajue Qingpu District, beautiful scenery, long history the ancient town of Shanghai ...[More]
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ASK:What is the effect of high weekly waves on daily life?
AN:We use high frequency to shake up the water molecules in deep skin tissue and the heat energy generated by water molecules to promote the regeneration...【More】
ASK:What is the difference between high wave processing and the processing of a hot
AN:There is a difference between high frequency voltage processing and hot sealing machine. We briefly introduce the different principle between the high...【More】
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